A number of metaverses using nonfungible tokens have recently been released in connection with different NFTs and metaverse technologies. Among them is "Office Metaverse," which has become viral and gained popularity. In line with this trend, similar platforms are being released like replica.

With an aim of pursuing metaverse life in the thematic framework called Oasis, we developed a platform called Oasis. We designed this platform to create a virtual place that can be part of your life while living there in a way that applies economic structure learned from a style of LIFE TO EARN.

MetaOasis platform started from the goal of developing "WITH GROW" system aimed at promoting the mutual growth of users and system such as pursuing the authentical goal of creativity-based metaverse and forming an environment where participants are able to enjoy entertaining contents.

Its ultimate objective is to promote continued and easier access for users, generate bigger value and develop a healthy, sustainable  metaverse ecosystem.

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Metarian is a company specializing in developing comprehensive virtual reality platforms, particularly MetaOasis metaverse platform in cooperation with Chaplingame.

At the same time, our company is an affiliate of KLAY APE CLUB. Our company was established with an aim to expand our platform to the metaverse ecosystem in metaverse technology parternship with parent company Kakao Entertainment.

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